Bull Terrier Facts

white bullterrier Bull Terrier has a really interesting history as much interesting as this breed as well. It goes back before 1835 when a dog fight is one of the folks game. It is illegal, but there are no official laws against the bloody sport at that time. People are looking for lots of combination of breeding to get a strong and agile dog. It is at that time, they found a breed named Bull and Terrier. Strong like a Bulldog and have the agility of a Terrier. Among all the dogs in the dog fight arena, this breed is known as the ‘canine gladiator’.

In the earlier years, this breed is called ‘white cavaliers’ because of the all-white coating that the bull terrier had. The breed is also small enough to be covered under their coat or jacket. After England introduce the Humane Act 1835, people stop playing with this sport, all the dogs use to play in the sport are either guarding a house or be a pet. In the mid 19th Century, A breeder, James Hinks cross breed a Bull and Terrier known as ‘Madman’ with a White English Terrier (now extinct) to produce a better appearance of the breed. The earlier version of a Bull Terrier does not yet have a head shaped like a Bull Terrier that we had today.

Now we know their interesting history, let's move onto the Bull Terrier that we had today. A Bulldog Terrier fur is short, so they only need a little grooming and because of the thin coating, they are not suitable for the cold climate. White Bull Terrier has more sensitive skin compared to the Coloured Bull Terrier.

miniature bull

One health issue concern for Bull Terrier is that they have a high chance to be deaf. It is advisable for owners to check with a veterinarian and seek for advice. A Bull Terrier commonly has OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). A possible sign is when they compulsively chase their tails and frequently chasing shadows. However, experts said this can be treated by keeping them busy with activity.

Bull Terrier comes in two varieties, one is white with marking only on the head and the other is a coloured bull terrier. Their colour is fawn, red, bridle or tricolour. One distinct appearance of Bull Terrier is that they have a unique head shaped like a shark head, but some people claim it looks like an egg head and they are the only breed recognise for its triangular eyes.

alaska patsy ann bull terrier

Even though Bull Terrier has muscular looks on them, this breed is known to be funny and clownish personality.They have a high chance to get into trouble. Even though Bull Terrier is an active and full of energy, these dogs are considered as indoor dogs. This is because of their attachment to human and family, and their need for attention from their owner made them never be far from their master.

The Bull Terrier rarely barks. When they bark usually they sense something around them, owners might need to pay extra attention when they bark. A Bull Terrier could live until 10-14 years old.

Some states banned the ownership of Bull Terrier. It is best to check with local dog laws before you adopt one. There is a story, of one well known Bull Terrier known as Patsy Ann lives in Alaska. She is deaf, but the miracle thing is she always know when a ship is coming to dock and go to greet them. A bronze statue has been built to honour her.