Bull Terrier Care Tips

Bull Terrier is an alpha dog. For a new dog owner, you might have a handful dealing with them. This is some tips so that both the owner and dog will be happy and safe while enjoying each other company.

Health Tips

bull terrier dog

Bull Terrier has a few health issues such as flea, skin allergies, and dislocated kneecaps. They also suffer sickness carried by their genes. One of the sufferings is deafness. White Bull Terrier is more likely to inherit this trait. This hearing impaired is either take only one ear or in worst cases both ears. A Bull Terrier with both ears deafness would have difficulty to train. They will also have difficulties to adapt to their surrounding. Another health issue related to their genes is kidney disease. If diagnosed early, with help from the veterinary diet might help to prolonged Bull Terrier life quality. Bull Terriers are also can be exposed to several kinds of heart disease. It is recommended for the owners to check up their Bull Terriers heart as early as one year old. A Bull Terrier knee joint is known as canine patella. Some Terrier is born with the knee joint not deep enough to hold the bones in places. This could cause pain to the dog. However, this disease could be treated through surgery. Aside from that, because of Bull Terrier coating is thin, so there are a few skin diseases that might be exposed to them seasonally. And because their coating is thin, the bull terrier is also not a fan of the cold climate. it is advisable to keep them warm by preparing a dog sweater during winter. Bring them for a check up on a regular basis to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the dogs.

Grooming Tips

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Bull Terrier has a thin coating, so there is nothing much you need to worry about grooming and keep them clean. You can bath them every 3 months or when they are dirty with a mild shampoo. After that, brush their coating with a bristle brush to help them shading out excess hair. Additionally, use conditioner as an extra treatment for a glossy coating. You also need to check their ears every week and clean it if needed. Their toenail needs to be trimmed once a month. You need to regularly brush their teeth to keep the teeth and gums healthy. Use a soft bristle, so that they would feel comfortable and enjoy the treatment.

Training Tips

Training a Bull Terrier might need a lot of patient and time-consuming. A few helpful tricks might do the trick. A bull terrier have a short time attention temper, so make sure the training is done in the shortest session. Secondly, they won’t respond to hard harsh training. It is best to train them in a calmer manner. A Bull Terrier is made to fight, so if you have the idea to socialising them with others dog, you might give them a proper training first or it will end up as him attacking them. Even with proper training, they still need to be supervised and put on lashes when you put them with others. It is important to neuter/spays your bull terrier as to control his temper towards other dogs. Aside from that, it is also the best for you to learn their body language so you will know what to expect whenever there is an irregularity with their behaviour. Always use a short leash whenever you walk him to keep him under control. Visiting a dog park is a bad idea for this alpha dog. Conduct your own temperament test before adopting will help you to have a better understanding of the dog.