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Bull Terrier Rescue and Rehome

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What is Project Rescue and Rehome? To understand this project, let us learn a little definition of ‘Rescue’ and ‘Rehome’. Rescue means to save or set free an object from imminent danger or vigorous action of confinement, slavery or suffering. Rehome means to arrange for a pet to have a new owner and a new home. In short, these projects mainly about saving Bulldog Terrier and find them a better new owner and home. With this project not only could we decrease the number of stray dogs on our streets but we also could give these pets a new fresh life to be with people who would love them dearly.

A stray dog is unconfined dogs scattered all around places especially with local human exist without owners and homes. This dog is not trained to behave but is known to be highly adaptive and intelligent in mean to survive on the street. Because these dogs have no owner, they have high possibly not vaccinated or neutered. Without vaccination, their bites, urine, and feces might expose us human to health issues such as Rabies and Parasite. Aside from that, stray dogs also have tendencies to bark, howling and get into a fight in order to guard their territories.

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There is also a stray dog that is left out by its owner. Usually, the main issue leading to their decision would be because of financial problem, dog behavior or medical issue both of owner or the dog. By rehoming these pets, we will not only give new chances for the dog but also an act of responsibilities to make sure the dog will stay healthy and under surveillance before they got to a new owner. With this option, a pet’s owner will have a clear mind that their dog will be under the care of people who would love and care them better.

Before you start adopting a bull terrier, let us learn first of their history. Bull and Terrier Breed are actually develop as a Vermin Control and also for Dog Fighting Sports event. Before England Officially made it Illegal by introducing HUmane Act 1835, it is already illegal for this type of fight, so breeders start to create a cross breed of a Bulldog and a Terrier. At this time, the breed is mainly focused on the performance, the agility of a Terrier and the powerful fight from a Bulldog. A breeder would cross breed a Bulldog with any Terrier. This breed eventually got the nickname ‘Lord Gladiator’ for it’s willing to fight till death for its master. At this time there is no standard specialize for the breed, but in 1850, James Hinks had set the Bulldog Terrier standard, by breeding only selective breed of Bulldog Terrier with an English White Terrier (now extinct). Eventually, people start to recognize this breed as fashionable and suits for a gentleman companion.

beautiful red and white bull terrier

A Bulldog Terrier is well known for its unique shark (some also seen it as egg-shaped) head with triangular eyes with the small thin erects ears that might give a humoral and mischief impression whenever you look at them. Despite the humorous look, their body and legs are different stories. A breed builds for sport, the body is round with strong back and muscular shoulder while the big-boned, the straight and also muscular leg is ready to strike anytime. Their teeth are in the position of a scissors bite, which is the fit in the front and closely against lower teeth. Their fur is short, harsh but with a fine gloss. While the standard color is white, but there is also another variety comes with a colored spot on the head. The spot color could be bridle, fawn, red, black or tricolor.

Things To Know Before Adopting A Bull Terrier

A Bull Terrier is definitely not a rug cuddling type of dog. They are always at the top of their energy, playful, energetic, and stubborn as well. Because of this behavior sometimes people did misunderstand them. But actually, given proper training, a Bulldog Terrier could enhance themselves to a well mannered and socialize well with others.

The owner needs to have patience when training them not to jump, run, to bite as they please. When training them, try to incorporate performance type of activity because this way, the Bulldog Terrier not only could have fun but also help them to improve power and agility. The owner is also advisable to have their bulldog neutered so that older age, they will be calmer and well balanced.

two white bull terrier puppies

Because of their nature to get over excited so easily, it might be difficult for them to be around other dogs, pets and even children without supervision but given the proper training, the owner could control bad things from happening. Another character for this dog is loyal and super protective so when owner and dogs go out for a walk, they need to be leashed as to avoid it from attacking other dogs if they sense a threat. This dog is also rarely barking, so when they bark, you need to be cautious and check your area.

Adopting A Puppy or An Adult?

Now that you know their nature, there will be questions about whether to adopt a puppy or an adult? Any dog aged below than 3 years old is considered a Puppy.



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